Top 5 ideas for Creating your Reading Nook

We all need leisure time, and at times finding a cosy and serene nook to read your favourite book or magazine is all you desire. Even with limited space, you can set up a relaxing spot for reading your book. Keep reading for more insight into creating a reading corner.

Create a Scenic View

Place your preferred chair beside a window with a scenic view to enhance your senses, especially when taking breaks between pages. You can also read along background music to alleviate appeal. A relaxing song can offer a perfect setting for creating a chilled mood. Prepare the scene by installing a music system on your side table and add tactile textures to improve comfort when sitting.

Add Plants

After selecting your ideal reading spot, include an aspect of nature. Plant decoration improves the aesthetic appeal and the room’s air circulation. Houseplants are preferred since they improve indoor wellness and calm.

Consider Lighting

Lighting can make or break the general feeling of your reading spot. Even if you read mostly during the day, remember there are snowy/cloudy days. Thus, it’s crucial to have sufficient lighting at all times. A table lamp will offer adequate lighting while improving the nook’s appearance. You can also use a floor lamp. Both floor and table lamps are prudent lighting options since they are versatile, especially when moving furniture around. Another compelling lighting source is wall sconces. Despite being a permanent light source, you can perfectly position them for aesthetic purposes. Wall sconces pivot, swivel, and enable you to illuminate your exact reading spot.

Include Functional Seating

Adding a functional seating spot is crucial for a comfy reading nook. Functionality is derived in multiple ways ranging from your favourite chair, in-built bench to a window sear. Consider the amount of space in your home and whether you want a reading place such as a bedroom.

Transform your Closet

If you can relocate your garments to the standing wardrobe, you have all you require for an in-built reading nook. Transform the closet using top-notch throw pillows, tension rod hanging curtains, and a suspended light fixture.

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