Want to Find the Perfect Tv Stand_ Here_s How!

It’s inevitable. We all love to sit down, put our feet up, and watch TV. Whether it’s a good movie or a hit series, watching TV is very relaxing. Most people invest a lot of their time and money to purchase a new TV, though it is also fairly important to find an entertainment solution that supports your TV and complements your living room. But how do you select the perfect TV stand? Continue reading to find out.

Determine where to place your TV stand

Where you position your TV stand or entertainment unit in your space depends a lot on the layout, the position of the cables, windows, and so on. Here are some tips on how to find the right place to position your TV stand;

  • Do not place it in front of a window. The window’s backlighting will make it hard to see the screen, and you will also be blocking sunlight from entering the living room. For perfect viewing, align the middle of your screen with the center of the biggest sitting area in the living room.
  • After determining where to place the stand, see the available floor space for your stand or wall unit. There should be a lot of space between the TV and the viewer for the ideal watching experience.

Sitting height

To find out how tall the TV stand should be, sit on your couch and measure from the floor to your eyes. For you to view your TV comfortably, the bottom half of the screen should be in line with your eyes when you’re seated. The stand where you will place should be more than 12 inches long from the ground.

Harmonize the room layout

Having a small room doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice the TV you’ve always wanted. Go for a swivel stand to find the best viewing angle if your living room`s small space doesn’t line up suitably with the seating arrangement.

A corner TV stand allows you to fit a big screen for a small space, while a wall mount one leaves plenty of space for movement. However, if you choose a Wall-mount without a stand, you could also add a wall unit for adding storage space to your room.


If you are looking to turn things up or you have finally bought your dream flat-screen TV, the above few tips we have listed for finding the ideal TV stand will make sure you have unforgettable moments in your living room!

photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com