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Bedrooms are important rooms in our houses since that’s where we spend a lot of time resting. A romantic theme helps set the mood and can influence what happens behind doors.

Add special lights

If you are looking for that dreamy look add pendants that are made of brass and beautiful patterns. Such pieces offer proper lighting that set the perfect mood.

Incorporate pink or red

Add a touch of romance to your room by adding red or pink to a neutral colour. Add throw on pillows, blankets, furnishings and other accessories like lamp shades.


Fireplaces always have this magical appeal that they add to any room. Incorporate this to your bedroom and ignite your passion to higher levels. As you incorporate this to your bedroom, also remember to give your walls a textured paint to make your room feel cosier.

Go for rustic items

To get that rustic look and romantic feel in your bedroom, go for warm hues of colour, natural wood and soft lighting. You can also embrace richly coloured furniture to bring warmth and contrast with neutral coloured pieces.

Play around with pillows

Give “pillow talk” a whole new meaning by adding cheeky and fun pillows to an otherwise traditional. This fun and unexpected addition elevates the aesthetics of your room.

Four-poster bed

Spice up your bedroom with this bed along with a chaise lounge. This bed with four posters which are shaped differently and a canopy whose canopy is lined with fabric. With this bed, you can hang luxurious drapes for that romantic effect.

Lacquered walls

Paint your walls with lacquered paint that takes your wall from drab and boring to a sleek and sexy space. Add a shade like red that will take the romance a notch higher. With this kind of a wall, pair it with white or ivory furniture pieces and accessories to balance it all.

Head boards

If you are looking for something subtly romantic, go for a headboard that has a rich hue to add that perfect romantic touch. Additionally, you can customize one that fits to your taste and likes.

More tips for making your room romantic:

  • Use darker colours like black on your walls and floors to make it feel more romantic.
  • Display provocative art
  • Add gold and rosy tones to your colours
  • Indoor plants take romance to a whole new level.
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